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Adding safety to your shower does not mean sacrificing design. By adding additional safety options, we craft our showers so that safety and design go hand in hand. There are a few ways that we've used the accenting of the shower in a way that aids safety in several ways.

Slip Resistance

slip resistance

The accenting on the base is not only for looks, it also serves as a texture for grip and reduces the likelihood of any slipping when in the shower. The Anzio: Jewel Shower is known for having the best anti-slip surface due to its lattice design of elevated pieces that together creates a groove for you to grip onto. 

We also offer a Complete Upgrade that supplies every shower collection with a seat, shelving and several grab bars.

All wood flooring from our Solero Collection is not slippery. All wooden flooring is vinyl with a non slip texture that is porous enough to make it non slip, while small enough to not collect dirt and residue.

ADA Showers

ada shower options


We also offer a shower that is designed to meet all ADA specification and is wheelchair accessible with a ramp. 

This specific shower comes with 3 ADA grab bars, two 24" and a 30", and an ADA specified bench seat at 23" x 23".

The optional ADA faucet is designed to be a multifunctional, easy to use shower head. The faucet can be positioned between two brackets for standing or convenience while using the bench.

The ADA shower option is available for ALL shower collections.


Easy to clean Experience

From the grout to the stone and the accents in between, our showers are easy to manage and keep clean; which keeps you and your family healthy and safe. 

Porous cement grout stains easily and when you try to clean it, the stains seem like they never go away. We strive for an easy to clean shower, so at American Bath our walk-in showers do not use cement grouting. 

Leak Free Base

100% Leak free base


The shower bases at American Bath are 100% leak free. With the stone threshold sitting at 1/2 in high (after 1/4" bathroom flooring.) A galvanized metal flange holds the walls in place and protects from an leaks. The drain also comes with a compression connection to alleviate gaps and create a snug fit.  

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