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WALK-IN Showers



Elegance and function are key when finding the right walk-in shower for your bathroom. That's why we at American Bath focus highly on these two details while building the perfect shower for you. Each piece in our three-piece custom walk-in showers is highly functional with a beautiful design. 

Our bases are made from a composite material composed of resin, fiberglass, and stone. They have a compression molded solid surface for a precise radius and angle. It's strong, lightweight, slip and scratch resistant.

Our walls are ideal for existing construction or remodels. All walls are glued over existing tile or wall board, which means no messy removal of existing tiles. They can be trimmed to fit any sized shower or tub area. No special cleaning is required. Most dirt and light residue will easily wipe off with a damp cloth and soapy water. Anzio wall colors directly coordinate with American Bath vanity tops, making it easy to match the whole bathroom in one cohesive look.

We offer four main functional designs for our doors. They are designed to be highly functional while also having a beautiful aesthetic. Without a bulky frame to interrupt the room’s flow, transparent frameless shower doors convey an open, airy feel. Suitable for combination tubs and stand-alone showers that exceed 60-inches wide, sliding glass shower doors feature 2-3 glass panels that slide across tracks to open or close (much like a patio door). A recommended choice for smaller bathroom spaces, sliding glass shower doors provide homeowners with the most effective use of their space. Swing shower doors do not require tracks to open or close. Without the risk of rust or gunk buildup, this style of shower door is very easy to clean and maintain. 

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