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walk-in tub: accessories

Glass door.jpg

Glass Door

*Extension panel options

This one-size-fits-all shower glass door keeps water out of your bathroom as you shower. This new, outward swinging shower glass door style is simple to build and can be done with or without an extension panel.


  • 33″ (W) x 41.5″(L) x3/8″(D).

  • Extension panel measures 8″ (W) x 42″ (L) x 3/8″ (D)

  • Universal half door design.

  • 90 degree opening and grab bar included.

Shower Curtain and L-Shaped Rod

This stylish and practical shower curtain is a universal match for every bathroom décor, since it is extremely soft, eco-friendly, and odorless. This curtain is handled with an anti-mildew agent and has an off-white pattern and sleek style to facilitate a sanitary bathing experience. In addition, a chrome-plated brass L-shaped curtain rod with solid, high-quality chrome curtain hooks complements the stylish chrome finish of your tub’s faucet set.

  • 70″ (W) x 54″ (L)


Universal Adjustable Shower Rod

With the installation of a fitted slide bar, the walk-in tub can easily be converted into a completely functioning stand-up bathroom. The easy-to-adjust slider, which is mounted against the wall and out of the way of other fixtures, allows the shower wand to be adjusted to any height while staying out of the shower room. The shower wand's custom positioning stops water from seeping into the bathroom tile, and the chrome plating over a stainless steel structure prevents corrosion and buildup.

  • Universal placement.

  • 18-24 inch adjustable height.

  •  Grip for shower wand.

Seat Cushion

A soft seat cushion will add comfort and relaxing advantages to your bath. This cushion is secured to the ADA compliant, contoured seat of your walk-in tub and offers a soft surface for sitting while you enjoy your bath. The ergonomic style encourages relaxing and alleviates lower back pain pressure.

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