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Modern full system mixers and rainfall shower heads that bring your shower into the 2020's

Introducing the latest in European bath fixture design to the North American home.


Why buy a shower tower?

Other than the modern functionality and beautiful design, the shower tower offers a full three piece shower trim system all in one at an affordable price

An all in one mixer, rainfall showerhead, handheld shower, and the panel of the tower house several body jets.


Body Jets

Multi touch adjustable

jets to soak every spot.

Depending on what model of shower tower you are interested in we offer a variety of adjustable body jets in different amounts. All body jets are adjustable giving you the ability to direct where you would like the high pressure streams to massage your body.


Rainfall Showerhead

Natural rain brought

into the home.

Either built into the frame or attached onto the side our rainfall shower heads take the natural feeling of rain and bring it into your bathroom. Providing an experience like no other.


Handheld Showerhead

Flexibility to reach 


Flexible reinforced stainless steel hoses with a 60 inch reach give you the ability to reach anywhere when showering. Giving you mobility and freeing you from the static placement of a conventional showerhead.

Built-in Mixer

Easy to control with a cohesive design.


A built in mixer for no hassle installation, cohesive design, and great functionality. Control the temperature with a reliable mixer that you can trust will work with your shower.

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